We are committed
to your brand’s success

Keeping your ROI as high as possible is our top priority. Our solutions guarantee flexibility across a wide range of channels as well as support all the major formats and platforms you might need for your campaign.

Set your perfect GEO

Become global

All GEOs and verticals are available. Expand your horizons!

Stay local

Zoom in - advertise within selected region or country.

Find your
perfect clients

Get only the customers who yield real value for your brand. Our advanced targeting features, an immense network of direct publishers, and high-end anti-fraud system ensure you acquire only genuine leads, installs and impressions.

Get your perfect results

Say YES to:
  • Powerful lead generation
  • Vast variety of direct traffic sources
  • Massive increase in ROI
Say NO to:
  • Spam and fraud traffic
  • Poor targeting
  • Throwing away your money
Define your excellence with Tapgerine

And even more advantages

Transparent reports
Get real-time data on your campaigns and optimize them to reach better inventory
All major ad formats
Banners, videos, interstitials, native ads and more
Quality customer support
Our support team is at your service on a 24/7 basis
Your personal dashboard
A convenient tool to monitor and manage your campaigns

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