Driving data
to boost your profits


Capture users’ attention by displaying engaging offers at a certain point during their mobile or web journey.
Our SDK helps to create native ad units that look like an integral part of the app. Such ads are highly appreciated
by users and can be very lucrative in terms of driving conversion rates up.
All popular platforms
Monetize your iOS, Android, Unity or web application in the most effective way
Wide opportunities
Choose geo, vertical and advertising format that perform the best for your audience
Advanced customization
You can change the ad unit properties to make it more suitable for your app
Easy integration
Set up an ad unit and start making money in less than 10 minutes

system (TDS)

Unite your personal expertise with Tapgerine’s smart automation to raise your income. Select the offers you like and let our well-tuned machine algorithm distribute the traffic across them in the most effective way.

Coming soon ...

Programmatic PMP

Your private marketplace providing you with all needed to buy, sell and resell banner and video traffic on CPM/CPV basis.

Mobile HB SSP

A perfect all-in-one solution for mobile publishers that allows to generate 42%+ more profit comparing to traditional yield management solutions.