Tapgerine CPM

Raise your brand awareness to a new level Tapgerine CPM connects the dots between supply and demand, ensuring both sides get the most from cooperation. Our publishers benefit from one of the highest CPM rates in the industry. While the advertisers have access to premium inventory, fine campaign’s adjustment and powerful video advertising capabilities.

Do it the video way!

Deliver your ads to millions of users across their preferred devices or discover the full monetization potential of the most engaging campaigns available on the platform. Our versatile video solutions support all traffic categories and are VAST/VPAID compliant.
Drive paramount advertising results by displaying users ads in a format they are comfortable with. Similar to a TV commercial break, our in-stream solutions offer the ability to play an ad before, or after video content.
Create a positive user experience by placing auto-play video ads seamlessly within relevant content. Viewable by design, such ads enhance engagement for both publishers and advertisers.
Grab user's full attention with a forefront, impactful ad with high levels of response. It may appear at natural transition points - after scoring a new level in a game or upon entering a site - thus, creating minimal disruption and maximum engagement.
Make users look forward to your ad. Reward them with prizes, virtual currency, or other perks they actively want to receive for watching the full video. This format is one of the most user-friendly and effective in game advertising and a real win-win solution for all: advertisers, publishers, and users.


Connect your audiences to the classiest ads and get a decent reward for each impression. Tapgerine’s proprietary ad serving solutions and unique fill rate optimization technology will drastically increase your results and multiply your revenues. Your success is the key to our own!

  • Global reach

    By uniting campaigns from thousands of direct advertisers and top local ad networks, Tapgerine provides the most effective ads in all GEOs.

  • Up to 100% fill rate

    Utilize our novel technology to earn higher eCPMs. Based on deep historical analysis, machine learning, and server-side optimization, it can considerably augment ads’ viewability.

  • Profit boosting ad formats

    Monetize desktop, mobile web and in-app traffic in a most effective way by browsing our top performing video and static ads.

  • Precise vertical breakdown

    Find an ideal advertising match even for a niche resource. We offer a great deal of the classiest campaigns in all categories except for adult.


Increase your profit by up to 42% with our all-in-one solution for publishers and app-developers,
compared to traditional yield management tools.

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