Tapgerine CPA

Minimizing Your Risks & Maximizing Your Benefits Out-perform your marketing and monetization goals with Tapgerine CPA. Smart optimization, seamless audience profiling along with powerful AI and machine learning at big data scale ensure your business gets only customers that matter. Being a publisher, you can benefit from a variety of exclusive campaigns and flexible ad formats tailored to maximizing your eCPM rates.


Provide a unique ad experience and get competitive returns for each conversion. Tapgerine CPA platform brings you a diversity of unique offers from our leading advertising partners along with uptime tracking giving you a deeper insight into your inventory’s performance.

  • Guaranteed top payouts

    Get robust payments and fuel your further growth.

  • Real-time reporting

    Optimize your ad inventory performance basing on detailed statistics.

  • Direct offers and exclusives

    Maximize your earnings by displaying the most high paying and converting campaigns.

  • Most profitable verticals

    Choose what suits your audience the best: sweepstakes, utilities, VOD, games, dating, finance and much more.

  • Personal manager 24/7

    We help our affiliates select the most profitable offers and improve their eCPM and CR rates.

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